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Hight temperatures Stress on Lawns


ProductAnalysisBag SizeCoverageActive IngredientsUse
Lawn Fertilizer33-7-7-1-1.5 25% 50#12,500 sq ftStimulate growth, deep dark green color
SCU20#5,000 sq ft
Crabgrass Control22-0-436#15,000 sq ftdithiopyrControls crabgrass and other annual grassy weeds
48#5,000 sq ft
Weed and Feed24-0-432#10,000 sq ft2,4-D, MCPP, Fertilizer and broadleaf weed control
16#5,000 sq ftDicamba
Starter/Winterizer18-18-18-1-1.550#12,500 sq ftStarter for new seedings or sod. Winter fertilizer application
20#5,000 sq ft
Grub Control6-0-114.35#5,000 sq ftMeritwhite grub control
Lawn Iron16-0-0-10-1850#12,500 sq ftIron and sulfur to make lawn dark green

Analysis = % of Nitrogen – Phosphorus – Potassium – Iron – Sulfur by weight SCU = Sulfur – Coated Urea, slow release of N

Lawn Fertility Programs

DateHigh Fertility ProgramMedium Fertility ProgramLow Fertility program
Late March33-7-733-7-7
Mid – Late AprilCrabgrass ControlCrabgrass ControlCrabgrass Control
Mid May33-7-7 or
Weed & Feed
33-7-7 or
Weed & Feed
Mid June33-7-7
Late July33-7-7
Mid September33-7-733-7-7
Late October/November18-18-1818-18-1818-18-18
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