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Kaups has a first-class starter called “OptiStart.” Many micronutrient deficiencies are becoming more common. Placing micros in furrow has proven to be one of the most economical ways to deliver critical nutrients. Today’s hybrids are needing more nutrients to reach their genetic potential. All growers are realizing consitent yield increases and dryer corn ar harvest, when using a starter.

Ask our agronomy staff about this product. You will want to include it in your fertility plan for next spring.

Yield Start

Kaup has a proven bushel builder called “Yield Start”. All high yeilds start with nutrients that provide the seedling with critical nutrients at germination. This product has the balanced nutrient package powered by Avail and Nutrisphere technology to promote stronger early season growth and extend it through tassel. Yield Start has delivered 7-10 bushel more per acre than competitive products. That’s a game changer!

Of bigger importance is the development of new technologies available that are designed to be delivered near the seed. We have seen this trend for the last 5 years and realize we are on the verge of more products that will be aimed at in furrow applications. Growers with starter capabilities will be at an advantage.


Goldstart puregrade starter fertilizer made a big impact with growers looking for a low-salt starter that is applied in-furrow or foliar. Goldstart delivers the same yield advantage as any puregrade on the market. You can also add the yield power of Avail, Nutrisphere, and Insecticides to Goldstart to enhance your performance.

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