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Athletic Mix:  5-7# / 1000 ft2

Perfect for athletic fields or golf course fairways and tee boxes. Athletic mix combines 50% Kentucky bluegrass and 50% perennial ryegrass to give the benefit of multiple varieties for disease resistance. Athletic mix will come up quickly and provide excellent fill-in of damaged areas.

Bluemaster Blend 2-4# / 1000 ft2

Bluemaster Blend is a mixed of elite Kentucky bluegrass varieties. It has the advantage of a wider range of disease resistance than a single bluegrass variety would provide.

Lanscraper II Mix 4-6# / 1000 ft2

Lanscaper II mix is a blend of 80% Kentucky bluegrass and 20# perennial ryegrass. It is well adapted to new lawns where shade from established trees is not heavy.

Overtime Blend 8-10# / 1000 ft2

Overtime blend is a mix of three turf-type tall fescues, giving a wider range of disease resistance than a single variety of tall fescue would provide. Tall fescues have good drought and heat tolerance and are gaining ground on Kentucky bluegrass lawns for those who do not want to maintain the high levels of maintenance bluegrass lawns demand.

Overtime Plus Mix 8-10# / 1000 ft2

Overtime Plus mix adds 10% Kentucky bluegrass to a blend of three turf-type tall fescues. The addition of the bluegrass gives the turf the ability to “fill in” areas of the lawn that are thinned due to kids, pets or other causes of drought tolerance of the tall fescue with the sod-forming ability of the bluegrass, for a very attractive lawn.

Perfection Mix 4-6# / 1000 ft2

Perfection Lawn Seed Mix is a blend of 60% Kentucky bluegrass, 20% perennial ryegrass and 20% creeping red fescue. Perfection makes a good mix that will work in sun or shade. The varieties used in Perfection do not require the high management levels of some other mixtures, so it will make an excellent mix where lower maintenance levels are preferred.

Pleasure Plus Blend 4-6# / 1000 ft2

Pleasure Plus is a blend of elite perennial ryegrass varieties, improving the disease resistance over a single variety. It is usually mixed with Kentucky bluegrass for athletic fields or golf course tee boxes and fairways.

Shadow Mix 4-7# / 1000 ft2

Shadow Mix is a mixture of creeping red fescue, hard fescue and chewings fescue to provide a high quality turf in areas of intense shade where bluegrass and perennial ryegrass varieties will not survive.

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