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Turf Perfect

MixtureIngredientsSeeding Rate Est. Rate Shade ToleranceHeat ToleranceDrought Tolerance
Overtime Mix100% Elite Tall Fescue8-10#/1000 ft2FastVery Good Very GoodExcellent
Overtime Plus Mix90% Elite Tall Fescue
10%KY Bluegrass
8-10#/1000 ft2FastVery GoodVery GoodExcellent
Perfection Mix60% KY Bluegrass
20% Elite per Ryegrass
20% Creeping Red Fescue
4-6#/1000 ft2MediumVery GoodGoodGood
Landscaper II Mix80% KY Bluegrass
20% Elite per Ryegrass
4-6#/1000 ft2MediumGoodGoodGood
Shadow Mix33% Creeping Red Fescue
33% Chewings Fescue
33% Hard Fescue
6-8#/1000 ft2MediumExcellentFairFair
Bluemaster Blend100% Elite per Ryegrass 2-4#/1000 ft2MediumFairFairFair
Pleasure Plus Ryegrass Blend100% Elite per Ryegrass Blend4-7#/1000 ft2FastGoodFairVery Good
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