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Manage Every acre with Profit Zone  

Variable Rate Technology is transforming modern agriculture by providing farmers with precise control over resource allocation, promoting sustainability, and improving overall farm efficiency. The informational benefits of VRT are instrumental in making data-driven decisions that enhance crop health, reduce costs, and increase profitability. As agriculture continues to evolve, VRT will be essential to guarantee sustainability for generations.

Profit Zone will allow you to unlock hidden yield potential while leveling out your fields variability.

Profit zone offers:

  • Grid Soil Sample Results
  • VRT Fertility Prescriptions
    • Lime
    • Gypsum
    • Phosphorus
    • Potassium
    • Nitrogen
  • VRT Seeding Prescriptions
  • Fully Customizable prescriptions to fit your needs/goals
  • Harvest Yield and Seeding Maps
  • Digital access to all data from a smart device.

Yield maps raw data $.10 an acre up $75.00

  • Printing of yield maps

Can accommodate other precision formats to adjust rates to fit growers needs and goals.

2.0 acre Grid/Zone soil Test $18.00

2.5 acre Grid/zone soil Test $15.00

3.3 acre Grid/Zone soil Test $12.00 an acre

1 year of VR Prescriptions included in grid sampling price.

  • $3.00 an Acre for 2nd and 3rd Year of VR Prescriptions

VR Prescriptions $6.00 an acre

  • 1 year no soil test included
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